share notes after passing away

How we do it


Register privately and easily.


Create of upload LockTill Notes: video messages, documents, voice messages, documents, or private messages. You can also schedule when to deliver notes, such as on birthdays or anniversaries, even after your passing.


List the recipients you would like your notes delivered to after your passing.


Our patent pending system will encrypt your data before storing it, thus making it impossible for anyone, including us, to view the contents.


Although we hope nothing bad will happen to you ever, our system will check in to verify all is well. In the event of your passing, only then will your notes be delivered to your intended recipients. Only the selected recipients will be able to decrypt and view your LockTill notes. No one else!

Now you can have a peace of mind knowing that incase anything would to happened to you, whether you are traveling, not feeling well, or in a high risk job, you can always store your LockTill notes and have them delivered incase something might happen unexpectedly.