What is LockTill
Passing ???

There are things you do not share in your life with anyone.
Now you can share it after you passed away with those who matter.
The uncertainty of life can sometimes overwhelm us. We think we
have forever but all we have is now. Using LockTill you can capture
all that you would like to tell your loved ones, be it through heartfelt
letters or videos.

how can we help?

How we can help?

LockTill gives users the ability to deliver messages after they have passed away. By keeping messages encrypted we give customers an increased sense of, we keep your messages encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone else except the intended recipients. We will stay in touch with you using emails and messages. If you were to stop replying to our emails, we will then reach your Trusted Contacts for verification purposes. After confirming from your trusted contacts, we will release the message to the recipients.

Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts are the people whom you trust, and they are the ones from whom we will confirm your wellbeing once communication comes to a halt. They help us to verify if you are still alive or you have passed away in the event that you do not answer your messages from us for over 3 months. These contacts are only used for verification, these contacts will never receive any information regarding your note and they cannot read the notes.

trusted contacts
how secure is content/data?

How secure is

LockTill has a security policy, unlike any other application. The files on LockTill cannot be viewed by anyone until the user intends so, the files remain encrypted. The user can also wipe out all the data on their account at any time by simply typing their password in reverse.